VISTA QULU- The Great Return

Vista QuluAfter many years Vista is returning to the hungarian security market with a cost effectly and user friendly video management software.

The main purpose of Vista is that, to develop a VMS which qualifies to the necesseties of the end users and also uses the latest technologies and directives. one of these directives is, to be compatible with as many camera manufacture companies as possible in the system. Vista Qulu supports all the cameras which are using ONVIF S profile.

In case of we choose automatic optimaliztation of camera during the installation process, the software automatically searches for cameras on the network and initializeses them, without any operation of the end user or the installer person. Later, when you are connecting another camera to the system, the software detects it and adds to the camera list automatically too.

The user interface was designed to be simple to operate with and easy to get used to. The software starts with an empty camera list and with no overview pictures on the layout. This can be customized as you like, and of course it is possible to create new layouts.

Demo version of Vista Qulu is free to dowload via the link below the video. With the demo you can test your camera if it is supported by the system. After the installation you will be able request a demo license, which allows you to record images of 4 channels.

Main features:

–          wide range of supported manufactures

–          uniqe user-experience

–          no limit for expansion

–          supported by Windows, Linux and MAC OS

–          without any yearly renovation charges or fee per channels