The new ULISSE NETCAM Full IP PTZ is unique on the market, which is able to move SD, HD and megapixel cameras.

All the functions of the rotation device and the camera are available in popular video management systems. To control the camera, zoom optics and PTZ substructure all you need is an IP address. The system is able to operate via ONVIF Profile S protocol or the camera’s own protocol. The ULISSE NETACAM PTZ the most powerful, efficient and competitive product ont he outdoor CCTV positioner system market.

This unique integrated PTZ allows you to choose freely of the best IP cameras and zoom optics, in order to have quality view. The unit can be equipped with 2 pieces of high performance IR LED, providing you excellent quality view at night time, over 240m far. It is environment resistable between -30°C and +50°C. The window of the camera shell can be cleared by the integrated screen wiper. Unlike dome cameras, ULISSE NETCAM is way more resistive against vibrations.