In 2. september 2014 Aisico s.r.l. tested their PILOMAT ROAD BLOCK RB1000 for PAS68:2013 standard.

On the test of PILOMAT ROAD BLOCK RB1000 road blocker had an impact rated N3 according to PAS68:2013 standards, which equeals to in impact of 7500 kg truck with speed 80 km/h.

Description of damages:

Test vehicle: the PILOMAT ROAD BLOCK RB1000 totaly immobilezed the test vehicle, causing serious damages on its undercarriage. The biggest impact on the vehicle was located on the driver side, which is 0.2 meter deep.

PILOMAT ROAD BLOCKER RB1000: the road blocker got some damages. The base of the road blocker dislocated with road blocker itself turned in 10° angle related to its axis in the dircetion of the vehicle’s movement. It stopped the test car successfully, a piece of the road blocker with detached and landed 10m further.

Based on the results of the test the PILOMAT ROAD BLOCK RB1000 got the following certification:

–          PAS68:2013 road block V7500(N3)/80/90:0.2/10

The datasheet of PILOMAT ROAD BLOCK RB1000 is available wihout any registrations on Orion 21 Ltd’s website. www.orion21.hu