Pilomat 275/K9 900A Crash test

pilomat oszlopIn 2. october 2015 Aisico s.r.l. tested their rising bollard, PILOMAT 275/K4 900A for IWA 14-1:2013 reference standard and PAS68:2013 standard. 

On the standalone test of PILOMAT 275/K4 900A rising bollard had an impact rated N3C according to IWA 14-1:2013 and N3 according to PAS68:2013 standards. The nominal velocity for both standards is 48 km/h.

Description of damages:

Test vehicle: the PILOMAT 275/K4 900A totaly immobilezed the test vehicle, causing serious damages on its undercarriage. The biggest impact on the vehicle was located on the driver side, which is 1 meter deep.

PILOMAT 275/K4 900A: the bollard had minor damages. The base of the bollard did not dislocated, but the bollard itself turned in 10° angle related to its axis in the dircetion of the vehicle’s movement. It stopped the test car successfully, despite of the impact the route still remained secured. PILOMAT 275/K4 900A was working properly after the hit.

Based on the results of the test the PILOMAT 275/K4 900A got the following certifications:

–          IWA 14-1:2013 bollard V/7200 (N3C)/48/90:1.0

–          PAS68:2013 bollard V7500(N3)/48/90:1.0/2.5

The datasheet of PILOMAT 275/K4 900A is available wihout any registrations on Orion 21 Ltd’s website. www.orion21.hu

Higher security with Secuscan®

The SecuScan® under vehicle monitoring system is providing an innovative solution to monitor the undercarrige of the vehicle searching for dangerous objects such as, weapons and explosives or drugs in an easy and fast way. Using this system significantly increases permeability of the access point. The SecuScan under vehicle monitoring system basicly consist of a scanner, a controlling workstaion and a traffic light. The mobile and surface mounted systems are available with rubber or aluminum ramps. The permanent system is made of stainless steel. The scanner is making a photo of the vehicle moving above, therefore it is possible to scan trucks even with trailers. It is able to scan vehicles with speed of 40km/h or below.

Main features:

–          simple, fast and secure scanning

–          able to scan any type of vehicle

–          permanent or mobile systems

–          easy to install and configure, even in case of built-in system

–          black and white, colored

–          4k vertical resolution

Optional possiblities:

–          overview cameras

–          automatic number plate  recognition

–          automatic detection of unsual objects*

*the system compares the actual photo with a previously one, in case of difference it can cause alarm (ANPR is necessary)