The HDcctv standards a means solution to modernize old analog camera systems to a high resolution (HD) video surveillance system without replacing any cabling, which were only possible with IP cameras so far, in a fast and easy way.

You can find everything on Eneo’s prodouct range, that is necessary for a change-over to HDcctv system. HDR-5008 recorder is a hybrid solution, which is supporting not just HDcctv video signal, but also PAL and 960H and the recorder detects the resolution after connecting a camera, then automatically configures the main settings. The solution helps to replace old system, but you no need to change all your device at once.

There is no lack of Eneo HDcctv cameras, there is more than 15 type of devices available in the prodcut range, such as fix or PTZ dome, box cameras, IP or analog. The well known Candid and Castillo housing is also available, which are making a lot easier the installation and a many new functions are helping to increase security and quality the of video surveillance.