Laura Metaal

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First in Hungary! The company based in the Netherlands is specializing for steel industry and road safety solutions. The two devices they distribute, the so-called mobile ’anti-terror’ roadblock, SafeZone Pindown and SafeZone Freestander. Their aim was to create these tools to be quickly installable and/or dismantlable. In addition, the built-in gate module makes it easy and quick to provide access not only to public roads but also to special events, festivals or outdoor events. By contrast with concrete blocks which provide the only barrier for traffic but not any protection moreover in case of higher impact energy, they can multiply the rate of the damage by flying into the crowd. It is possible to place the SafeZone securely and it can provide maximal safety for the scene/location moreover after removing them it is easy to set back the original state of the place/scene without any additional work.

For more information check our videos on our youtube channel.



Mobile ‘anti-terror’ Roadblock