eneokepNowadays, in case of choosing a surveillance video system, aestetic is also considered just as much professional requirements, compliance of directives or standards, and cost efficienecy. Sophisticated end users more commonly have intentions to have a system with appropriate technical parameters and also unified, homogen appearance. Eneo’s two new product families, Candid and Callisto could be excellent choice, thanks to the unified design, it is plug&play, therefore it is fast and simple to install and configure no matter if it is analog, IP, HDCCTV or combination of these types.


The Callisto dome is a real Jolly-Joker of the technology, which is available in many versions in analog, IP, HDCCTV. Due to its dimensions 119×140 mm, it is a great choice for discrete security system. The robust, IP68 certifaceted aluminum finish is totaly ressistive to the environment, providing great protection to the camera, between -20°C and +50°C. Thanks to all these features, its is a ideal choice if you are looking for discrete solution in- or outdoor, surface mounted on wall or ceiling or in-ceiling.

CANDID CAMERA LINE: Elegancy and easy installation for all application

The elegant Candid bullet cameras are compact and ready to connect, in size of small, medium, large, with analog, IP or HDCCTV technology. To help the installer the cameras are delivered with equipped consoles, preset focus settings, all the required plugs under base console with hidden cabling. The new junction box, no need to cut the cabels exactly to right lenght, because you can easily roll up unnecessary cable and put it that massive, environment resistive box, which has enough space to put the power supply in it and still hides under the base.